Have questions about Aqua Marine Deck products? Find the answers here in our listing of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer here, please contact us at info@aquamarinedeck.com.


40" x 80" is the largest sheet material we offer.

Aqua Marine Decks can be applied right on top of most molded-in non-skids and aggregate type non-skid paints if you clean the surface of the existing product thoroughly beforehand.

Aqua Marine Decs is best cleaned with hot, soapy water and a firm brush. You can also Aqua Marine Deck's EVA Cleaner. Stay away from Hull Cleaner.

No, it can't, because the gap will show. The better thing to do is leave a 1/2" gap between panels.

Yes you can restick any pad if the edges are starting to come lose. Call our office for alternative or glue to use. If the sheet has completely come off, you will need to thoroughly clean the area and apply a new sheet.

Loosen a corner with a putty knife and grab the edge and pull up. If it seems to be splitting, use your putty knife to loosen the area, or get a partner to help pull. Remove any remaining backing by drenching in mineral spirits for ten minutes, and finish scraping with the plastic putty knife. You can remove residue with either acetone or mineral spirits.

Clean surface and make sure dent free and wipe down with acetone.

Clean a stain or spill promptly, especially for rust, mustard, bird droppings and fuel stablizers.

Problems with Light Amplification

Aqua Marine Deck pads are extremely hardy and long lasting, but they will look vibrant and fade free longer if they are not exposed directly to outdoor elements when not in use. It is best to store the boat out of direct sunlight by storing the boat in your garage or using a boat cover or covered boat slip.

  • Direct or indirect sunlight can reflect off the gel-coat surface to damage the Aqua Marine Deck product.
  • Aqua Marine Deck applied in the cockpit and other areas that have vertical planes, or near hardware or stainless surfaces, can rise to temperatures above the operational temperature of 165o F (73o C).
  • Using lighter color products will reduce the Light Amplification issue.
  • Light Amplification problems are not covered by our standard warranty, but other material issues will still be covered.
  • For your protection, after installing Aqua Marine Deck, the product should be covered when not in use.

Situations to Avoid:

  • Avoid inflatable pool toys long term sitting on the Aqua Marine Deck product.
  • Water bottles stored long term on the Aqua Marine Deck product.
  • Placing Aqua Marine Deck products near reflective surfaces or beneath glass.

The above objects can refract/reflect light, creating a concentrated beam which can harm the Aqua Marine Deck pad.