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Our heavy duty, shock absorbing marine pads have a self-adhering backing. You just peel and stick on.

Yes, call us at 770-614-4417 for more information.

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for a custom sized helm station pad. Just send us the dimensions, email us at aquamarinedeck@gmail.com.

Yes, we do custom logos, the cost is an additional $50, and you need to send us the logo in vector format. We can do custom text also, send us the wording (25 character limit) and the text style you want.

Absolutely, if you supply us a templates or CAD drawings for any item you want. If the product you want is simply rectangular shape,like a helm pad or coaming bolster, give us the dimension or a sketch of what you want.

Please view under color swatches tab.

The product is made from a closed cell marine grade foam that is moisture resistant and doesn't absorb liquid. Aqua Marine Deck can be torn or ripped by pets if they continually scratch and dig it with their nails.

Aqua Marine Deck is hardy, closed cell proprietary marine foam products for boats and marine craft in the form of self adhering pads. These long lasting, water resistant pads can be made into various shapes to fit a multitude of marine boating applications such as swim platforms, helm station pads, coaming bolster pads and more. Because of the added traction and shock absorbing qualities of the pads, users can stand or lean longer without tiring. These pads also protect your boat from scratches and chips, while adding noise reducing abilities.

Any marine craft such as fishing boats, sail boats, ski boats or commercial marine craft will appreciate the good looking, long lasting pads made especially to fit for your boats platforms, helm stations, swim platforms or steps are a few of the multitude of applications for Aqua Marine Deck's Non-Skid Pads.

Aqua Marine Deck's pads come with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

That depends on whether the boat is stored indoors or on the water. Normally five to seven years is average.

You use a razor knife or box cutter. Make sure you have a new blade, and if you are making a lot of cuts, you may need to change the blades a few times.